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Math Made Easy
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Students, are you struggling with Probability and Statistics? Then Math Made Easy Probability and Statistics: Part 1 DVD courseware can help you get an A in this difficult course!

This Probability and Statistics: Part 1 tutorial is for students in college math classes and is an indispensable resource for anyone who needs a detailed review to make these complex and often confusing concepts less intimidating and easy to learn and remember. In just 2-6 weeks, you can become proficient in Probability and Statistics. Especially in the days leading up to a math exam, the easy-to-use Probability and Statistics: Part 1 DVD series will help you succeed as it keeps the math material fresh in your mind.

If you have been struggling with Probability and Statistics, then the dynamic and simple to follow live lessons along with the many interactive do-it-yourself exercises in this software will help make this complex math easy for you!

The Probability and Statistics: Part 1 software makes intricate and complex Probability and Statistics concepts less intimidating and easy to learn. Probability & Statistics: Part 1 contains 10 hours of comprehensive step-by-step review with clear, concise instruction specially designed by experts in the field and presented by award winning instructor Elayn Gay. The software's many interactive do-it-yourself exercises help students build self-confidence and math proficiency.

Fully versatile, Probability and Statistics: Part 1 can be viewed on any DVD player and it empowers students to control the pace that best fits with his or her learning style. What's more, students can return to any point in the program and review the material over and over as often as needed.

Topics covered in the Probability and Statistics: Part 1 by Math Made Easy software include:
Population and Data; Frequency and Distributions; Visual Display of Data; Mean, Mode; Median and Midrange; Means, Medians and Modes of Grouped Data; Variance and Standard Deviation; Sample Space and Events, Random Variables and Distributions; Continuous Random Variables; Expectations of Random Variables; Variance of Random Variables, Independent Random Variables; Binomial Distribution; Poisson Distribution; Tchebychev's Approximation, Normal Distribution and Distribution and Standardization.


  • Clear and comprehensive reviews of this complex math

  • Easy to understand step by step instruction

  • Colorful and illustrative graphics including charts, graphs and theorems

  • Engaging dialogue and instructional presentation

  • Real life applications help keep students focused and attentive

  • Lots of interactive practice exercises

  • 5 interactive DVDs with 10 hours of comprehensive instructional content

  • Helps to keep up with missed classes and the fast pace in the classroom

  • Used in thousands of schools and by more than one million students

  • Compatible with any home, portable or PC or laptop DVD player

In a 2006 survey of students using Math Made Easy and Tutorial Channel:

  • 87% raised next math test score 10 points or more

  • 79% raised their math grade at least one level

  • 59% raised their math grade two or more levels

  • 92% went from failing to passing math